Lactation Cookies

Lactation Cookies are NOT necessary for the making of milk. If you want to make more milk, you need to move more milk. Putting baby to breast as often as possible and getting as much skin to skin contact is the BEST way to make more milk.

A mumma also needs nutrition and hydration to make breastmilk and often times mummas tend to neglect this when in the throws of breastfeeding and mummahood, especially now we are lacking a village to help us care for our babes and ourselves.

That's where lactation cookies can come into play.

We don't always have the time or energy to make ourselves delicious and nutritious meals filled with all the goodies and sometimes we can only manage a quick cup of tea and a biccie. So it's an awesome added bonus if that biccie is full of goodness which in turn can help support your supply.

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